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it's okay if you are completely 0 in maths or r&w!

tldr: we have scored 1550+ and know the way how to!



ever heard of them – in the DSAT landscape? we are offering quizzes for every chapter and yes, they are different from mocks!



practice makes you perfect, and thus – with quizzes you get the broader view of the topic and you discover what kind of questions were asked in the past



sectionals are playgrounds – willing to improve accuracy in a particular domain? sectional come to the rescue!



To give you a real D-day feel, mocks are there to help you figure out where you stand in the crowd!

apart from them?

  • Flashcards

    to help you improve your vocab, we have curated a list of 1100 words which are often asked in the dsat

  • Grammar Rule Book

    Cramming every single rule is not worthy, but going through the important ones is def. worth. We make it easier for you!

  • Mentorship Sessions

    Felt a little low? come on - we want you to cheer up! you will get mentors who scored 1550+ at your fingertips!

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The best time to study was two weeks back and the another best time is now!

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Is it going to be free?

NO! usually free resources don’t get the respect they deserve, thus to develop a bit of commitment – you would need to pay a price and trust us – we won’t burn your pocket! 

How can I register for the platform

We are in the process of building the platform and are anticipating for its release in June 2024. You can register once the waitlist is made available.

Does waitlist mean priority access?

OF COURSE!  and it also means DISCOUNTS!

Who are you?

a bunch of college students, working to make the transition as easier as we can!